Monday, March 13, 2006

about Yoga Jyoti & the philosophy behind teaching.......

Inspired by the teachings of Sri Krishnamacharya, ‘Yoga Jyoti’ has been conceived as a Non Profit Charitable Trust by a team of Sri Desikachar’s students at Hyderabad with a strong belief that if a difference can be made in the lives of people, if something can be done to enhance a persons quality of life , then beyond any doubt , yoga holds the key.

In an effort to uphold the teachings of Sri Krishnamacharya the focus at Yoga Jyoti is to provide a one-to-one individual-centric healing experience with focus being on dealing with the cause, not the symptoms. This emanates from the fact that no two individuals are alike, so to market yoga as an “over-the-counter pill” that works wonders for everyone with similar or same symptoms, would be to disregard the very spirit of yoga, which is in fact to establish a personal link. It also comes from the fact that as Yoga is a comprehensive system of healing that links the body, breath and mind ,so it is vital that yoga has to be adapted to the individual, never the individual to yoga.

With this focus in teaching the classes will be held on an individual basis and after consultation the course designed integrating the subtle tools of Yoga as applicable to the individual. They will then be subsequently modified according to progress made with time. It is in this application of Yoga to suit the needs of the individual, that the uniqueness of Krishnamacharya’s teaching lies.

for taking a class contact:

Plot No.710, Off Road No.36,
Jubilee Hills, HYDERABAD 500 033
Tel: 93930 02396


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